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    Curb Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

    Why buy curb chain jewellery?The curb styling has been specially designed to sit flat against your skin for optimal comfort and features hypoallergenic material. If you like your jewellery solid and reliable as well as beautiful, then this is the perfect collection for you.All of our products come with a lifetime warranty and FREE delivery.


    Stylish and Comfortable Curb Chain Jewellery at Rock Solid Rings


    The Rock SOLID Chain 6mm Necklace

    This beautiful ladies Curb Chain Necklace is crafted from premium surgical stainless steel and is exceptionally strong and durable. The waterproof and hypoallergenic design ensures long-lasting and comfortable wear. Its stunning double-plated white gold finish adds a touch of brilliance, perfectly complementing the strong fold-over clasp.


    The Rock SOLID Chain 8mm Necklace

    Featuring the same brilliant design and quality as the 6mm Curb Chain Necklace,this 8mm design is slightly wider and looks equally as exceptional. This necklace is not only suitable as a mens Curb Chain Necklace, it can also be worn by ladies if they prefer their chain slightly wider.


    The Rock SOLID Chain 6mm Bracelet

    Designed to be worn every day, theRock SOLID Curb Chain Bracelet is waterproof and sweatproof and won't leave marks or stains on your skin.This a bracelet you'll love and have in your jewellery collection for many, many years to come. This bracelet is ideal as a men's or womens Curb Chain Bracelet.


    The Rock SOLID Chain 10mm Bracelet

    Make a statement with our chunkyCurb Chain Bracelet. This bracelet is double PVD bonded in white gold for an exceptionally bright shine. The Curb Chain Bracelet features our bespoke fold-over clasp and issolid and reliable as well as beautiful.


    Lifetime Warranty and FREE Shipping With Our Curb Chain Jewellery


    Frequently Asked Question

    Each chain arrives in a branded slide-out box encased in a leather effect branded zipped pouch for extra protection during transport.

    Each curb chain necklace comes in a variety of lengths for the perfect fit. Check each product specification for the required lengths.

    Yes, we do! We stock many different types of curb chains.

    Our chains will look amazing for a long time as their material is designed to not tarnish. We understand that you may need to partake in general maintenance from time to time. Using soap and water to clean a curb chain necklace would be beneficial for general maintenance. This is a simple and effective method for most types of chains. Soak your chain for a few minutes in a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Then gently rub your chain with a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt or grime. Rinse with clean water and dry with a towel.