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  • The Wonder Ring – What is it all about?

    The Wonder Ring represents a breakthrough in ring design and construction.

    A simple elegant design married with an unbeatable hardness and resistance to scratching. It has all the qualities you would want from a ring you can wear every day. It will stay looking beautiful and you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

    In constructing The Wonder Ring we use no allergy-inducing metals, making all our Wonder Rings hypo-allergenic. You can safely wear them, and they won’t leave any marks behind.

    The unique blend of metals used in the making of the Wonder Ring will not tarnish or oxidise. You can safely wear your Wonder Ring under water, in the shower or swimming in the sea.


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    Where Strength Meets Beauty

    The Wonder Ring is made from a central core of the highest-grade Tungsten Carbide. The Tungsten we use in our Wonder Rings is made from the remnants of volcanic eruptions. The unique metal formed from the bowels of the earth. We mix it with small amounts of other metals in our secret recipe to produce the hardest ring metal ever made. Ten times stronger than gold, it has a higher melting point than any other metal on earth.

    Our team of master craftsmen shape each ring for a comfortable fit. The domed exterior has been specially designed to prevent catching and snagging. Every Wonder Ring is hand polished to remove imperfections machine polishing can leave behind. The result is a brilliant, long-lasting shine.

    Depending on the finish you choose, the Wonder Ring is bonded with a coating of precious metals in a permanent fusion of strength and beauty. The final product is a ring that feels great, looks stunning and lasts a lifetime.


    Superior Scratch Resistance

    Where other rings will scratch and mark in daily use, the Wonder Ring will remain scratch free. Without the daily barrage of scratches that dull other rings over time, the Wonder Ring stays looking like new with that tell-tale brilliant shine.


    Wear Anywhere, Wear Any Time

    With its many unique properties, there isn't any occasion you couldn't wear your Wonder Ring. Unlike other precious metals, you don't have to worry about protecting your Wonder Ring from damage. That's why we like to call it the "wear anywhere, wear any time" ring.

    Many people have chosen to buy a Wonder Ring to protect their original precious metal ring. Wearing their Wonder Ring during the rough and tumble of daily working life when other, more fragile rings could get damaged or marked.


    Maintenance Free

    When we asked our designers and craftsmen to develop the Wonder Rings, we wanted a ring that wouldn't need constant maintenance. No complicated cleaning processes, no costly chemicals.

    I'm happy to tell you they delivered just that. The only thing you need to do to keep your Wonder Ring shining like new, is a regular wipe with clean water and perhaps a drop of soap if it's particularly dirty.

    That's it. No visits to the jeweller. No chemical baths. No special wipes or other expensive cleaning products.


    Peace of Mind

    All our Wonder Rings come with a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t fall in love with your Wonder Ring straight away, you can return it for a full refund.

    With our 30 day AnyReason Exchange program, if you have a change of mind (who doesn't?) you can exchange your ring for free. Doesn't quite fit? Prefer a different colour? Want to swap for a slimmer ring? No problem at all. We're happy only when you're happy.


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    Why the Wonder Ring is the perfect ring for you

    With their incredible strength, stunning beauty, and high resistance to any form of blemishing, the Wonder Ring is the perfect engagement, promise or wedding ring. If you plan to exchange rings to show your eternal love for that special someone, doing it with a ring that will last a lifetime shows how committed you are. The Wonder Ring is the perfect Wedding Ring because it represents the longevity of your commitments.

    If you're a regular gym goer you'll know that the equipment in the gym can often scratch and mark your existing silver or gold rings. With the Wonder Ring, that problem goes away. You can safely wear one around the gym and it won't get marked or scratched. In fact, your Wonder Ring will be harder than anything you'll encounter at the gym. In a straight fight, it would be a no contest.

    Going on holiday soon? Worried about taking your expensive rings or rings that hold a sentimental value? Why not leave them safely at home and take a Wonder Ring instead. That way you still get to wear a beautiful, hard wearing ring and you have peace of mind that your valuable ring is kept safe.

    Do you work in the healthcare profession or in a laboratory environment? Then you'll be familiar with infection control. It's often the case, intricate or delicate rings are one of the first things you have to sacrifice for the job. Cheer up, there is an answer. Your Wonder Ring has no intricate detailing where germs can hide. It's hypo-allergenic and waterproof so you can happily wash your hands multiple times a day without having to take it off. All that and it stays looking like new to boot!

    Calling all construction workers, builders, maintenance men and DIY'ers. Fed up of having to take off your ring when on the job or having your rings damaged? Worry no more, we have the perfect ring for you. The Wonder Ring will take a good beating and stand back up ready for more. The strength of the high-grade Tungsten Carbide core means it will stand up to anything you can throw at it. The scratch resistant surface keeps on shining through it all.

    We're convinced you'll love your new Wonder Ring as much as we do and it's probably the most practical ring on the market today too.

    Join the many people already experiencing the wide-ranging benefits of the Wonder Ring and Order Yours Today!